Maybe you are new to physical therapy. Maybe you have heard about us and are wondering if we can help. You might even have a loved one with a frequent complaint. Even if you have tried PT before or are presently being treated somewhere else but are failing to reach your potential. THAT IS WHAT OUR COMPLIMENTARY PAIN / INJURY SCREENING IS ALL ABOUT.

A licensed Physical Therapist will set aside 15 minutes for a one-on-one screen at no cost or obligation. During that time you will discuss your complaint. The therapist may perform a few tests to assess joint integrity, range of motion, strength, and flexibility if more information is necessary to understand your injury. At the end of the session the therapist will inform you as to what is the cause of your pain, provide you with a pain relief plan and recommendations regarding treatments that can help you to recover more quickly and successfully. Use the form below or call us to schedule for your Complimentary Screening.

Our Free Pain / Injury Screening Provides you with…


Free Assessment by a licensed medical professional

Convenient and easy scheduling of your screening


Personal attention to your health

Education regarding potential injury

Injury care plan or physicians referral (if needed)

Peace of mind

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Free Pain/Injury Assessment

Not sure if you need treatment? We can help!

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