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Running is a great sport, hobby, and a cardiovascular workout. It can also be very tasking on your body and joints. Regardless of whether you are a recreational or a competitive runner, muscle imbalances and poor mechanics can lead to numerous overuse injuries. These can include ITB syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and numerous types of tendonitis and sprains. The good news is that a majority of these injuries can easily be treated with rest and proper corrective exercises prescribed by a physical therapist. The even better news is that with proper training these injuries can be prevented.  Running works our bodies primarily in the sagittal plane emphasizing forward and backward movements. One of the most important keys to training the body is to include exercises that move our muscles and joints in all 3 planes of motion in order to avoid overuse as well as optimize performance. By training and exercising in the two other planes by incorporating lateral and rotational movements, we can treat and help prevent common injuries associated with running.  If you are considering starting a running program on your way to competing in your first 5 km race of if you are a seasoned runner who has been dealing with a persistent ache contact the therapists at Buffalo Back & Neck Physical Therapy for a consultation on how to get your body working at its peak performance.

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