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Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones have very little density. It is a condition where either the bone is degenerating too quickly or is the result of not being capable of replenishing itself at an appropriate rate.  In some cases both conditions can be present.  This makes your bones very weak and minor accidents can be very disastrous. It is also characterized by back pain, neck pain and hip pain too. When viewed under a microscope, the bone appears porous. Normal bones are porous but those infected with osteoporosis much bigger pores are present signifying a loss of bone density and strength.

The ribs, spine, and hips are some of the most common areas where you are likely to see osteoporosis-related fractures. This explains why you might experience lots of pain in the back and hips. It is worth noting that the fractures can also occur within any part of the skeletal bone. The condition can progress over time making the bones increasingly weak.

Your doctor has a wide variety of methods by which he can diagnose you. X-Ray is certainly the most common method. Body CT, bone density scan, and the spin CT are the other options that can be used to diagnose your condition. Treatment methods may include vertebroplasty or the kyphoplasty.


A bone density scan is the most popular methods of accessing the risk of the fracture and the extent of the damage to your bones. At advanced stages, hip pain and back pain can be very severe.

The bone density scan measures your bone mineral density and is mostly performed using a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. The number of X-rays that your bone absorbs can be used to determine its porosity. Once this has been determined, your doctor can be able to tell your Z score. Z score is simply a parameter of your bone density and your age. This score will help determine if you need more tests too.

Further tests may include:-

  • Plain x-ray: This gives an image of the bones in the body. Many back pain problems can be checked primarily with bone X-ray.
  • CT scan: This test checks the alignment of your spine and other features. It can also be used to objectively determine your bone’s density.

Physical therapy (PT)

If your doctor is of the opinion that your condition is not very deteriorated, then he can recommend physical therapy. Bone that has calculated stress placed upon it will tend to maintain its strength much better than in cases were bones are not stressed regularly.  People who participate in weight training, regular exercise regimens, or other weight baring activities are less prone to developing advanced osteoporotic changes.  Physical therapy can be the cure to those constant back pain pains as it improves your bone health and assists in preventing future fractures. In some instances however, it can applied hand in hand with another medical procedure.

Here are some exercises that your therapist can assist you to undertake to build up bone mass

  • Sitting in a proper posture that protects your spine
  • Ensuring proper alignment during your everyday activities
  • He will improve how you balance when walking so that you don’t fall off often.
  • General upper and lower extremity strength training exercises.  Were and when possible exercises can be performed in weight baring postures to get optimal effect from their exercises
  • Adjusting to your environment so that you improve your bone health.

Your bone health depends greatly on your lifestyle. Your therapist will certainly assist you to do exercises that will improve your condition. Your bone grows insufficiently if you lack such exercises.

Your therapist understands the immense effects of exercise on your bones and will ensure that your exercises are neither overboard or under the board. An overall fitness program will require you to exercise at least two or three time weekly.



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