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Common causes of dizziness?

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Balance & Vestibular Disorders, Dizziness Physical Therapy | 0 comments

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Common causes of dizziness?

Many of us will experience bouts of dizziness from time to time. For some this can be a temporary feeling well with others it can be a sign of more significant medical issue requiring attention. There are several reasons that one could experience dizziness. Here are a few common reasons

  • Vertigo
    • vertigo is the sensation that the world around you is spinning or otherwise unstable. There are many reasons one can experience vertigo however most of these involve some form of inner ear issues such as positional vertigo (BPPV), Ménière’s disease, or even an infection such as vestibular neurits or labrynthitis. 
  • Anemia
    • this is a condition caused by the lack of red blood cells in our body to carry oxygen to our brain and other vital organs. This can be the result of your body simply not replacing the red blood cells quickly enough after bleeding or more significant conditions where your body is out right destroying these vital cells. If you suspect anemia as a source of your dizziness seek medical attention.
  • Low blood sugar
    • experiencing hypoglycemia can be an urgent and dangerous medical issue if you are a diabetic. Monitor your blood sugar regularly and avoid skipping meals tool minimize your chance for these events. If your blood glucose values fluctuate erratically work with your medical professional to seek a more stable solution.
  • Dehydration
    • many Americans are walking around in a constant state of dehydration. Many factors can lead to dehydration however simply consuming extra fluids is a good start toward a solution.
  • Low blood pressure

low blood pressure can be the result of several different contributive factors. Many medications taken to manage blood pressure can drop our pressures to low when not properly managed. Other issues such as an infection can also be a root cause. If you suspect hypotension contact your physician for further diagnosis and treatment.


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