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What are common causes of instability or being “off balance”?

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Balance & Vestibular Disorders | 0 comments

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What are common causes of instability or being “off balance”?

40% of those over 65 years of age will experience some form of dizziness at one point or another every year. All many times the reasons are fairly benign and can be a very daunting experience when symptoms are more significant or persistent. There are many causes that can explain one’s dizziness. One of the more common reasons one might feel off balance is low blood pressure. This can be complicated by anemia, dehydration, or even medications.

Other sources of instability stem from viral or bacterial infections particularly those affecting the in her ear. Positional vertigo, referred to as BPPV, as well as other disorders like Ménière’s disease are also sources of feeling off-balance. Endocrine disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disease as well as cardiopulmonary disorders can also be the root issues behind feeling off balance.

Instability is also a common complaint following head trauma and is also frequently reported by those experiencing any one of a number of neurologic disorders. If you are experiencing any significant or persistent sensations of being off-balance consider contacting a healthcare provider urgently as this can be a sign of significant issues requiring medical attention.


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