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What are some common symptoms associated with being off balance?

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Balance & Vestibular Disorders | 0 comments

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What are some common symptoms associated with being off balance?

Suffering from instability or otherwise being “off balance” is an all too often symptom that many people experience. Many will experience a sense of motion or spinning referred to as vertigo. For others it is more of a sensation of feeling faint or lightheadedness which is commonly diagnosed as pre-syncope. A sensation of floating or dizziness is also common.

Some people will experience visual changes such as blurriness or double vision.  Other people feeling unstable may also experience changes in hearing such as a loss and acuity, pressure or fullness in years, or tinnitus. 

At times some people who are off balance will also report confusion, disorientation, or difficulty focusing.  If you are experiencing the acute onset of one or several of these complaints seek medical attention as it can be the sign of a serious disorder.


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