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Physical Therapy for Spinal Stenosis Series (Part 5)

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Back Pain Buffalo, Back Physical Therapy, Lower Back Pain, Neck & Back Injuries | 0 comments

Can Spinal Stenosis Be Prevented?

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Physical Therapy for Spinal Stenosis Series (Part 5)

Can Spinal Stenosis Be Prevented?

Spinal stenosis usually is a natural result of aging. Research has not yet shown us a way to prevent it. However, we do know that you can make choices that lessen the impact of spinal stenosis on your life and even slow its progression.

  • Regular exercise strengthens the muscles that support your back, keeps the spinal joints flexible, and helps you maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Using supportive chairs and mattresses and avoiding activities that can lead to injury—such as heavy, awkward, or repetitive lifting—can help protect your back.

Your physical therapist can help you develop a fitness program that takes into account your spinal stenosis. There are some exercises that are better than others for people with spinal stenosis, and your physical therapist can educate you about what exercises and activities you should avoid. For instance, because walking is usually more painful than sitting, bicycling may be a better way for you to get regular physical activity. All low back pain is different and unique to each individual. Your physical therapist will design a specialized exercise program for you based on your movement exam, your health profile, and your goals.

If you think that you may need physical therapy to address your spinal stenosis contact the PT’s at Buffalo Back and Neck Physical Therapy.  We are the area’s leading experts in the treatment of back and neck pain. 


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