Frenquently asked questions for your first appointment

Do you take my insurance?
We are participating providers with a majority of all regional and national carriers. Feel free to ask our front office personnel if we participate with your insurance when you are scheduling for your first visit and they will be happy to assist you. Contacting your insurance company directly using the customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card is often the easiest way to be certain. In the rare event that your insurance does not provide a benefit for physical therapy, or if you have already used-up your benefit for the year, we offer an affordable private payment option.
Do I need a prescription to start physical therapy?
No. New York State’s Direct Access Law  allows you to be evaluated and treated for up to a total of 10 therapy sessions or one month without a prescription. Injuries related to a workers compensation or no-fault claims do require prescriptions in order to use your insurance benefit.
How long will my first visit last?
One hour of one-on-one examination and treatment time will be set aside for your first visit.
How long are my follow-up visits expected to take?
An average treatment session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. More or less time may be necessary depending on the treatments you require.
How many visits will be necessary to reach my goals?
Your therapist will discuss the details of your problem with you and give you an estimate on how long you will require therapy for. The nature of your problem, as well as the severity, duration, and even your past medical history all play a role in your body’s rate of healing.
Will my physical therapy cause me pain?
Contrary to the adage of, “No pain. No gain”, the management of most orthopedic disorders should not result in significant pain following treatment. It is however possible that some discomfort may be present after working-out with injured tissues. Your therapist will provide you with multiple options to manage any discomfort that you might have following your exercises to allow you leave therapy feeling better than when you entered.

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